Generally speaking, sheet metal workers create various metal products for industries in engineering, construction and manufacturing. Therefore, as the name suggests, sheet metal workers cut metal sheets using precise methods in order to meet designs required by external industries. The equipment used in these processes varies from laser cutting to welding. When manufacturing these products, elements of heating and cooling are used.

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We offer a Sheet Metal Work service and can manufacture a wide range of products for commercial and industrial applications from metal sheets. We can also carry out repairs to existing products. As sheet metal comes in a variety of thicknesses, shapes and sizes, it is important that you commission a company that has experience in this area to ensure a quality level of service and to get a great finish.


Our workshop facility and experienced workforce means we have the tools and skills required to fabricate sheet metal projects to your precise requirements. We can follow any plans or drawings you provide, or in most cases we will first create our own unique plans and blueprints in order to bring your project to life.

Working from drawings, our skilled team can plan, measure, cut and form the sheet metal according to the specifications provided. The formation of a sheet metal project usually involves bending, cutting and reshaping of the material. To complete a product the sheet metal is usually fastened together through a series of screwing, riveting, bolting or welding. The possibilities are truly endless!

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