Steelwork dismantling or refurbishment is a widely opted for method in comparison to demolition and complete deconstruction works. We are pleased to say that we offer steel dismantling services that meet the highest UK health and safety requirements.

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Our industrial recovery and recycling services offer a cost-effective solution to the complete renovation of a property or complex. We use heavy equipment in order to get the job done as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption caused.


One of the first steps our professional team will take is the separation and recycling of any scrap metals found at the site.

Once the building structure is somewhat dismantled, we then have the skill and equipment necessary to re-erect any dismantled structures. Not only do we work tirelessly to get the job done quickly and safely, but we also take care of the environment, meaning that we meet your duty of care at all times.

Useful information about Steel Erection…


Steel erecting is the process of installing and dismantling structural steel building frames and engineering projects. This usually involves crane assist, mobile elevated work platforms and scissor lifts in order to complete the work to the highest standard.


Generally speaking, steel erection involves the positioning, aligning and securing of metal components within a steel frame. If planned and constructed carefully, by paying attention to detail and using the correct equipment, steel erection can be a fast and fuss-free process.


It is important that this kind of large-scale, heavy work is completed by experienced and skilled workers in the field. We are proud to say that our team of expert engineers work together to create beautiful buildings that meet the strictest UK health and safety regulations and look fantastic.

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